All Veteran DJs know that a party is remembered and credited by the way it ends. What it means is that people remember you and your music with what they hear and see last.

Does a beginner DJ know this ? I don’t think so. It all comes by experience.

It’s human psychology. No matter what you play for hours, the last sound stays in mind and they leave with it. So, when the night ends, they’re either happy or not, all depending on what you gave them last.

How to close up a successful DJ gig and how to end the night the best way possible ? Let me explain.



Control The Volume


The amount of volume is your number one power on the dance floor. You pump up the vibe with it and also your music. Getting close to end, you should gradually lower it. This is important ! Never ever apply sudden volume changes, any time of the night. It will draw negative attention, trust me.

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You main output level gets almost maxed out at peak time and it is best to take it down slowly, like maybe the last half hour or so. It’s a natural signal for audience telling them the party will be out soon.

Especially at commercial public gigs, closing time is strict and staff needs to leave at a certain hour. I can’t say the same thing for weddings or private parties. If you get paid extra and the owner asks for it, then you end up playing longer, wondering when to stop. So, for public gigs, DJ needs to slow down when it’s closing time.


Change The Genre


A definite change in tempo and genre is necessary, at least for me. I believe other DJs would also agree with it.

I personally prefer playing well-known oldies or similar tunes as a last song or two. Try to select a real popular one, which everybody would like. You really don’t need to beatmatch and mix them.

Remember, I said they leave with what they hear last. So, make it really memorable for them. This is good for a DJ’s credibility and reputation.

You can also honor a request that did not fit in before. See if the person is still there who asked for it and play the requested song.


Appearance And Behavior


I try to end the party just like I started it. I never assume people don’t care what I play or what I do in the booth, at the end of the night.

Dear readers, you never know who is there and who watches you. The guy standing next to your DJ booth, might be the owner of another bar or club, or maybe somebody who plans to hire you for their wedding.

Always look and behave professional, even if there is only one person in the room. Never turn your setup off when there’s still people in there. Do not stop the music before the last track ends. These are essential tips for every single new and inexperienced DJ on their first gig, in order to end their party successfully.



What I tried to explain you above is that your DJ performance very much depends on how you close your party and what you do at the end. Make your audience leave happy.




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