Should You DJ For Free ?

    Getting a decent gig or finding a venue to start is the biggest concern for new DJs. You are new in business, don't know too much about the fine prints of this industry and no connections at all. I wouldn't blame if you jump right onto the first...

2018 Best DJ Controllers Under $500

  If you are searching for the best DJ controller for your budget, I have a list for you below. You're right, controllers are not cheap but there are pretty good options in the market that you can buy for under $500 and still DJ like a pro. I selected 5 top-brand...

How To End The Night As A DJ

    All Veteran DJs know that a party is remembered and credited by the way it ends. What it means is that people remember you and your music with what they hear and see last. Does a beginner DJ know this ? I don't think so. It all comes by experience. It's...

How To Prevent Sound Distortion As A DJ

    Distortion ... Here is the definition of the word : " Any form of deformation on audio output compared to its input ". Or, we can simply call it " very high and overloaded audio signal level ". A DJ's priority is maintaining high quality and clear sound...

Recording Your DJ Set : How Does It Help ?

    Most major DJ software brands have the recording feature built-in, like Serato and Virtual DJ. It means that you can record your DJ sets on your computer's hard drive while performing a gig. I strongly believe that every DJ should use this function and...

What If Your Laptop Crashes When DJing

    Worst nightmare for a digital DJ and the biggest problem that can happen during a gig. Yes, I am talking about a possible system crash on your laptop. This might be a rare situation for today's advanced computers but it is always a possibility....

Why Do DJs Wear Headphones On One Ear ?

    There is one major reason DJs wear headphones while playing, and that is for previewing the upcoming track before they mix two songs. Special DJ headphones are built in such a way that you can bend and fold it in different ways like the Numark Red Wave....

What To Do Before You Start A Gig

    Being a real professional and having principles in DJ business brings a definite success. I know, it's all about entertainment but you sometimes need to isolate yourself from that scene and follow rules in order to complete your gig without any glitches...

Pioneer Announced DDJ-1000: Performance Rekordbox Controller

    Pioneer DJ just announced a new premium Rekordbox DJ controller, DDJ-1000.This one comes with " First Time " features for the industry leading company. DDJ-1000 is a 4-channel digital DJ controller which is designed and manufactured for the Pioneer's...

Can You DJ Without Having Your Own Setup ?

    If you are reading this post, it means that you're wondering if you can DJ without investing money in equipment and use the existing sources of the place you want to DJ. I don't blame you. DJ gear is not cheap and takes quite a chunk from your budget...

DJ’ing Made Easy


DJ’ing is one of the most popular and trendy jobs in 21st Century.

Imagine yourself partying, socializing with friends and lots of other cool people at a hot nightlife spot and GETTING PAID for it !

You can make $100’s, even $1000’s for a gig while spending time showing your skills and rocking the dance floor all night, living the dream of your life without paying a dime !

With today’s technology, you can easily build your own DJ setup and music library without spending a fortune like it used to be years ago.

There are so many brands and options of software and hardware that Disc Jockeys can buy and use, suitable for almost every budget.

All you need is a laptop computer, a DJ controller, a set of headphones and an endless music library that you can build in so many ways.

But DON’T FORGET.. Passion for music and DJ’ing is the beginning of everything in this dream business.

LOVE IT and success will come to you..



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Why Digital DJ’ing ?


The concept of being a DJ has changed a lot in the past 20 years.

There used to be bulks of vinyl packed in boxes and carried to every single gig in the 90’s. DJs spent more time browsing thru the music collection than anything else while in the booth. Too much load, less productivity.

Then we got CDs ! What a change it was in music industry.

Size got smaller, technology kicked in, equipment had more variety. The big change started in the early 2000’s. Leading brands found different ways to implement many features to CD players and this meant the birth of unique DJ’ing styles behind the decks.

Computers were too effective and addictive not to be ignored by manufacturers in DJ’ing world. There had to be software integrations with traditional players so that Disc Jockeys could combine their skills with equipment and perform at higher levels.

Using a computer to DJ was not either acceptable or tolerable for professionals in this business in the very near past, but today digital structure is a key essential for DJ’ing.

Why Choose Digital ?












And much more ..

Today’s Disc Jockeys set up their archives digitally, regardless of what equipment they use to perform. Music distribution platforms are also mostly on internet.

You can buy online, download and sort it in your library and you’re set to go. No dealing with CDs, vinyls or any other device.

Another advantage of “Digital” is the cost of setups. Classic DJ CD players need to be pair or a dual deck combined with a mixer which is pricier than any software controller in the market.

As long as you have a laptop, adding a device and the program will do the job. You can find information about all of these on our website.

If you don’t want to lose time trying to learn DJ’ing by yourself, we advise professional training courses or DJ schools. As a beginner DJ, you will also need to practice a lot.

Don’t wait anymore ! Start learning how to be a DJ and live your dream.

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